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Asus Eee PC 701

$399.00 Released November, 2007

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very portable. Fast boot time. Great value for the money.

The Cons:Screen resolution is too low for many websites. Fan can get a little noisy when it overheats. Suspend mode consumes battery.

The Asus Eee PC is a value priced ultra-portable notebook series based off of Asus' own hardware and software specifications. The Eee PC is a fully operational computer, however the budget price and small form factor limit the performance capabilities.

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Product Shot 2 Various configurations are available, with the standard being a 900MHz Celeron M processor, 512MB or RAM and 4GB of solid state memory. More recently Asus has released models based on the new Intel Atom processor, that, with its improved chipset has improved overall performance and cut power consumption. The series has also seen a move to larger 9 and 10" models with larger keyboards, batteries, and screen resolutions to appear more attractive to average consumers that found the miniature keyboards and resolutions lacking compared to full laptop alternatives. Other value priced portable computers are being marketed by companies like Intel (Classmate) and by the One Laptop Per Child non-profit (see the XO-1) but those are targeted towards developing countries, while Asus is offering the Eee PC to everyone.

Hardware Design

At just over an inch thick, the notebook flips open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard and a 7, 9 or 10" screen. The keyboard buttons are justifiably smaller than regular keys, though Asus decided to make the letter larger than the functional keys like "tab" which end up being much smaller than their traditional size. A 1.75" touch pad is included for mouse control with one button available, similar to the Apple's Mighty Mouse, the left side of the button controls left click, with the right side controlling right click. Not unlike Apple's various touch interfaces, the EEE includes advanced (arguably superior) multi-touch support. Around the bevel housing the screen are found two speakers on the sides, and on top is a webcam for video conferencing. Internet is available through the 100 M-bit ethernet port or the included A/B/G WiFi adapter (no modem). All models support SDHC cards.

Included Software

A customized version of Xandros Linux is used to power the Eee PC and give access to its various programs. Many standard programs come bundled in the package, and being a variant of Linux lets you download and install more applications if you wish. On the productivity side, OpenOffice 2.0 ( not 2.3? ) is included which lets you interact with all the usual Microsoft Office documents. A media player, Firefox web browser, and Skype round out the productivity applications available. Asus also includes a suite of casual games accessible under the "play tab".


Eee PC 2G Surf (700) - $249

  • 900 processor which has 512KB cache RAM
  • Intel G915 chipset
  • Integrated graphics chip with VGA output
  • 7" LCD LED backlit screen, 800x480 resolution
  • 256MB of DDR2 RAM
  • 2GB solid-state storage
  • 1 PCI Express Mini Card connector
  • 10/100 Ethernet, B/G WiFi adapter
  • 3 USB ports, multi-card reader
  • Built-in stereo speaker; built-in microphone
  • Colors: White, black, green, blue, pink
  • estimated 2.8 hours battery, 4400mAh
  • estimated availability end-of-November

 Eee PC 4G Surf (701) - $349

The 4G Surf model includes everything from the 2G Surf model with these changes:

  • 4GB SSD storage
  • 512MB RAM

 Eee PC 4G (701) - $399

The 4G model includes everything from the 4G Surf model with these changes:

  • 0.3MP camera
  • 5200mAh battery, rated for 3.5 hours

 Eee PC 8G (701SD)

The 8G model includes everything from the 4G model with these changes:

  • 8GB SSD
  • 1GB RAM

Eee PC 9-inch screen (900, 901, 900A, 900HA, 904HA)

Various 9 inch models have been introduced with a movement to larger, more usable, higher resolution screens. Beginning with the EEE PC 900 with the same Celeron processor and internal SSD, the series has more recently expanded to cheaper 900H and 900HA models that include the higher performance atom processors and cheaper storage options (a slower SSD in the 900A and a cheaper 160gb hard disk drive in the 900HA).

Eee PC 10-inch screen (1000, 1000HA)

Various 10 inch models have been introduced to allow users larger screens, keyboards and higher capacity batteries - pushing the runtime of these higher costing EEEs to 6-7 hours. All of these contain the newer Atom processors. The 1000 contains 40GB of SSD, and is more expensive than the newly announced 1000HA that contains the same 160GB HDD found in the 900HA. The 1000 series contains a physically larger 10" screen which becomes easier to use despite using the same resolution as the smaller 9" screens.

The devices are Microsoft Windows XP compatible, with drivers available from support.asus.com. Asus link for this special project is: eeepc.asus.com/en/product.htm

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  • 33

    Very portable

  • 28

    Fast boot time

  • 21

    Great value for the money

  • 18

    Solidly built

  • 18

    Supported by a strong modding/hacking community

  • 16

    decent battery life

  • 16

    Useful software included

  • 13

    Linux OS

  • 11

    A lot of potential for upgrades (hardware and software)

  • 10

    Many different O/S options and distros now available: Ubuntu, and XP most notably

  • 8

    Can be overclocked

  • 6

    save money

  • 6

    Easy to upgrade RAM to 2GB

  • 5

    Attractive design

  • 5

    3 USB ports

  • 5

    Wireless 802.11 b/g/n

  • 5

    Preloaded with Skype

  • 5

    the bios allows you to boot usb devices

  • 5

    Very strong wireless reception.

  • 4

    Excellent small speaker sound

  • 3

    Bluetooth connectivity

  • 3

    The USB ports accept everything.

  • 3

    Open Office Software preloadd on unit is compatible with MS Office

  • 3

    Comes with a linux antivirus program which includes automatic updates and a scheduler.

  • 2

    Memory card reader

  • 2

    Pressing F9 when starting the machine will set the machine to factory default.

  • 1

    Good sized keyboard for a netbook

  • 1

    Hackintoshable to Leopard 10.5

  • 1

    Screen resolution can be modded to TOTAL FUNCTONAL LEVEL

  • 1

    SSD drive makes it immune shock damage (for the drive)

  • 1

    SD Card slot allows for easy 'removable drive' expansion

  • 19

    Screen resolution is too low for many websites

  • 9

    Fan can get a little noisy when it overheats

  • 9

    Suspend mode consumes battery

  • 9

    AC/DC adapter plug is odd-shaped and blocks two electrical outlets

  • 8

    small keyboard

  • 6

    Very small screen - 7" with black border all around

  • 5

    Mouse button is weird

  • 3

    Keys are very small

  • 3

    Minor "screen-door effect" on the LCD

  • 3

    No exterior battery-life indicator

  • 3

    4GB isn't a lot of space for a primary partition

  • 2

    Celeron CPU gets quite hot

  • 2

    Case attracts fingerprints

  • 2

    you need a usb dongle to access gprs/edge over bluetooth

  • 2

    Can't upgrade or change SSD drive (soldered on)

  • 1

    No 3G/HSPDA

  • 1

    Celeron CPU is single core and underpowered

  • 1

    Onboard graphics can't play HD YouTube

  • 0

    Battery life is a bit short (+/- 3hrs)

  • -1

    No modem.

  • -1

    Touchpad shows visible signs of wear after heavy use

  • -3

    Battery sticks out a bit at the back

  • -14

    Linux OS

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Erik: #asus_eee_pc_701 ^^^ For the record, I know Omar is now using an n-lited version of XP on his EEE. Ubuntu is s---l----o-----w on a 701 4G.

I've loaded XP on my EEE as well, and I freakin' love the thing. I was pretty happy with Xandros or KDE, but once I got the familiar XP Pro running, things got a lot easier. Just the ability to run Firefox 3 or Chrome was enough for me.

Here's what I loaded on it to make it hum:
Firefox 3
Google Chrome
VLC Media Player

I put all of these apps on my desktop as shortcuts with single-click browsing enabled in XP, added keyboard shortcuts for everything, and then auto-hid the start menu. I find this setup far more productive and faster than the stock Xandros.

To top it off, I can now easily configure the EEE as a wireless bridge for my wired-only Xbox Media Center. Oct 15, 08
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701

Well.. I got the iPhone and expected or not, I didn't use my Eee for months. I just used my iPhone for checking the web and e-mail, it's much more convenient. Fast forward until today where I've now installed Ubuntu Eee onto the sucker annnnd it's actually pretty cool now. I don't know how much I'll use it, but it's actually pretty more useful now than I gave it credit for these past few months.

Installing Ubuntu wasn't super easy, but that was more because I wanted to use my current external HDD, and not a regular USB stick, or SD card. As such, I had to do a little wrangling and do some boot sector installation crap. Not too hard, but it took awhile to get everything configured properly. Now I have a partition on my hard drive that is the "Ubuntu Eee installer" so it'll make it easy to install on other people's if they so wish.

Here's my mini-guide on installing with an external HDD with a Windows based PC:

  1. create a new partition using EASEUS Partition Manager (it's free). Set it to FAT16, size 3GB and PRIMARY
  2. then download the latest syslinux zip package. All you need is the syslinux.exe file in the win32 directory
    1. run: syslinux -rfam :  this creates the master boot record and sets the partition to be ACTIVE
    2. rename the isolinux directory to "syslinux" inside this directory rename all the "isolinux" files to "syslinux"
  3. extract the Ubuntu Eee ISO files onto the partition as explained in the installation guide
  4. follow as normal

The gotchas for me was setting up the PRIMARY + ACTIVE + SYSLINUX. This guide helped with SYSLINUX. Another SYSLINUX help. Ubuntu Eee installation guide. EASEUS Partition Tool.

Oct 5, 08
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701 Yup, I'm still running the stock Xandros, and I agree with the bloatiness. I haven't really been up on the game in regards to OS' but last time I checked the eeeXubuntu was getting close to reaching 1.0 (it was RC3 I believe).

I'm just waiting for a super easy installation download and script with no issues in regards to wifi, sound, or anything like that.

I'm getting an iPhone next week so not sure how useful the Eee will be. Though if I can get some hot teathering action going I'd be able to get the best of both worlds. Jul 25, 08
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squalorking: #asus_eee_pc_701 Omar, have you been using the stock Xandros or another flavor of Linux? I've since sold my Eee, but I had found the stock OS to be... Bloaty.

Like a 3-weeks dead goldfish, or a $400 HP desktop (with free games!).

I had actually gotten Windows XP to run lighter than the original with nLite, but I swore by eeeXubuntu. Jul 25, 08
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701 Well, I just had a pretty big scare. I overclocked my little guy to 900MHz a few times, and as previously reported the speed boost was very nice. However, one time I overclocked (you have to set the processor speed every time you start the computer) and the screen went all wonky, purple haze and all of that. Hard lock. Reboot. Nothing. Press power button again... nothing. uh... take out battery, put battery back in. Nothing. Ok, well I guess it's fried. Good thing it's still under warranty.

Fast forward a week which brings us to today where I'm cleaning my room and I see the little white block gaining a nice layer of dust. Give it a go for ... old time's sake I guess, and what do you know, the thing boots up! All nice and dandy, and I'm writing this post on the darn thing right now. I love this thing! May 17, 08
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701 Welp, I'd been a little dissatisfied with this little guy since it couldn't really handle YouTube videos without stuttering. That is a basic task that I was hoping for this thing, so it's important to me. Lo and behold, the tweaking community comes to my rescue and turns out the Eee is underclocked. Now to get it back up to speed!

Overclock guide

It's actually very easy to overclock, and now that I'm running at 900MHz speed, everything is much zippier, and YouTube videos run perfectly. It's actually very sweet. May 4, 08
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GT-D: #asus_eee_pc_701 Just bought one for my wife - she (and I, vicariously through her) is really enjoying it. Giving it its first field test today while she's in class.

Initial impressions: very impressed, well worth the money. Mar 11, 08
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GT-D: #asus_eee_pc_701 that is simply amazing. I'm also really digging the ultra-small linux laptops. This is exactly what I'd want for school (tho I'm just about to graduate.) - Maybe I'll get one for my wife for her birthday.

In fact, I think I will. She has some years of school left, and her laptop is an old dell p3 or something. Jan 25, 08
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Altos: #asus_eee_pc_701 This is NOT ment to be a replacement for a normal Laptop or Desktop PC.

This product is aimed at people that wish to have the capabilities of a laptop in a compact and minimal design.

The Eee PC is ideal for people that want ultra-portability without sacrificing power. It is intended for internet browsing, school work, and simple entertainment.

That is why it has the small screen size and the equally small pricetag. Jan 16, 08
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lomtik: #asus_eee_pc_701 I saw it in the box in Pacific Mall in December when I was in Toronto for the holidays. So many thoughts went through my mind. At that time I was looking for (1) mp3 player (2) gps (3) wifi internet (4) picture viewer (5) calendar, todo, organizer - all not necessary in the same device. Well, at the end of the day, I bought Garmin Nuvo GPS and iTouch 16gig (actually these were presents). If iTouch had GPS build into it right now, I would pay extra $50, maybe even $100 to have it all in the same device like n810.

Back to EEE. I think it's a great portable computer that runs an OS with so many programs already existing for it! So many professionals who know how to deal with it and even Windows users would love the machine! I can easily see myself using one of these if I was commuting and wanted to do some work. I don't feel like taking out my 15" Sony Vaio in public transit whenever I use it.

And I must agree with you, it's awesome for geeks and h@x00rZ. It reminded me a better version of a small pda that a kid from Die Hard 4 always had in his pocket. At $400, I had a really hard time when deciding between EEE and iTouch 16G. The reason I got the latter one is because my old Mp3 player really needed replacement, because I already have a laptop and because I wanted something of a smaller size.

Next time it could be something similar to EEE or n810! Jan 13, 08
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Erik: #asus_eee_pc_701 The EEEUser community is pretty fantastic, and they've got some wicked tweaks and guides on their wiki. I switched the default environment to the advanced KDE desktop, and it's pretty darn sweet. This laptop is the nerd's dream. Linux, tweaks, hacks, mods, open-source, and wikis oh my! Jan 4, 08
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Erik: #asus_eee_pc_701

I've been playing around with Omar's EEE in the office today. I love it. The pre-bundled open-source software (Xandros Linux, OpenOffice, Firefox) make it ready-to-go right out of the box.

Basically, the choice to get this laptop (and it is a laptop, not a mobile device) becomes a matter of preference. How important is size to you? How do you plan on using it? The EEE is perfect for someone wanting a lightweight Internet box on the cheap, who likely has a desktop (or more powerful laptop) for more advanced uses.


Nov 30, 07
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701 Yup. Ordering the EeePC tomorrow from Canada Computers. What put me over the edge was the fact that the Eee is a mini-laptop, meaning it runs actual Linux and Windows applications without any adjustments. Whereas the small screen and form factor of the N810 mean that applications need to be specifically tailored to the Nokia for usability purposes.

Plus I'd be paying for features like GPS and Bluetooth that I just don't need. I mean, I don't even have a car! And I don't own anything I'd be able to pair the Bluetooth WITH. All I really need is something nice and light that lets me access the Internet when I'm around the house, in cafes, or on a train somewhere. Plus the clamshell design of the EeePC means that I don't have to baby it so much, I'd be paranoid about messing up the Nokia's screen all the time.

Now the decision is, do I go with the EeePC, or a much more powerful and bigger standard laptop, the Vostro 1000 which I can purchase from Dell.ca for only $100 more! I'm still going with the EeePC, but trust me when I say that I agonized over THAT question quite a bit as well. Nov 23, 07
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chrisrodney: #asus_eee_pc_701 You can pick up an n810 from TigerDirect.ca for about $569.00 CAD. Or buy it south of border and save about $100 - 150.

I think you know what to do. Nov 22, 07
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Omar: #asus_eee_pc_701 I really want to get my hands on one of these, and try out a Nokia N810. Until I actually have experience with them first hand I won't be able to make a solid decision. I'm sure they're both great at what they do, I just don't know what I want to do. Decisions, decisions... the N810 has GPS and touch screen, the Eee has the better keyboard and clamshell design. And I can actually BUY the Eee right now, whereas I can't find the N810 in Canada. Nov 22, 07
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Erik: #asus_eee_pc_701 I'm feeling this movement of ultra-cheap, simple PCs running Linux (see the gPC). I don't know about you, but I'm feeling a little rebellious after the whole unlocked iPhone brick debacle. There's an open movement, and you're going to be left behind, Apple. (Yes, I'm aware of the irony of OS X being built on UNIX). Nov 6, 07
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